Suplimente nutritive SQUEEZY

100% PURE AMINO. Simply better!

Athletes who take care of their protein supply now have the possibility to use a natural, healthy, and even simpler way of substitution. Instead of taking hardly digestible and stomach-filling protein products, which the body has still to break down into the necessary amino acids, SQUEEZY provides a genuine alternative.

Free of any kind of additives, 100% plant-based, and 99% nitrogen use efficiency SQUEEZY 100% PURE AMINO (amino acid tablets) reflects our brand philosophy and fits perfectly in our current range.


1. 100% only the 8 essential amino acids – no more, no less
2. 100% plant-based, suitable for vegetarians and vegans
3. Enormous relieve for the digestive system
4. Only 1% nitrogen catabolites (trash)
5. 99% nitrogen use efficiency
6. Hypoallergenic
7. Amphoteric (acid-base neutral)
8. High functionality by individuals sachets
9. Very good price-performance ratio compared to competitors
10. Based on the patent of Professor Moretti
11. 5 g or ¼ kcal correspond to 175 g meat, fish or poultry with 450-800 kcal
12. Made in Germany

Even with regard to the price we offer a good alternative to the already existing amino acid products: